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E10 Wine Bar Courtyard

The Brief

The brief was to create an intimate but low maintenance space with different seating areas for customers to enjoy drinks and snacks outside






The Solution

My design aims to create an inviting but intimate courtyard garden which allows different groups of customers to sit and enjoy drinks, with materials and colour scheme sympathetic to the wine bar interior.


The new boundary fencing, brick wall and pergola were painted Black Ash to complement the interior in contracst to pale sandstone pavers and flint gravel flooring.


An large oak sleeper raised bed/bench provides additional customer seating and is filled with planting with an edible theme including a line of uplight Olive trees, aromatic herbs and fragrant climbers including Clematis Armandii and Jasmine.

Additional planting includes a potted Bay and Olive tree and a grape vine, which will eventually cover and soften the pergola, lit at night with fairy lights.