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E17 Cedar Birch Garden

The Brief

To transform the garden into a low-maintenance and inviting entertaining and relaxation space using materials and colour sympathetic to the house.


The Solution

The garden was long and reasonably narrow so the design seeks to create 3 “rooms” created for different purposes: a large cedar deck for eating and entertaining, an extensive lawn area enclosed by Silver Birch trees, evergreen climbers and herbaceous perennials for sunbathing, and a tranquil semi enclosed reading area at the back of the garden.

My clients are very busy, with little time to spend on the garden so the flower beds were limited to a U-shape surrounding a large lawn.  The sunniest bed, next to the deck has been planted with taller grasses and Pittsoporum shrubs which will eventually provide a soft barrier between the lawn and the deck.

The fencing which has been painted Urban Slate contrasts beautifully against the Jasmine, and Clematis Armandii which will grow with white flowers to soften them.

The back flower bed contains 3 Silver Birch trees which provide a partial screen for the reading area at the back.  These have been underplanted with woodland evergreens and bulbs.

A bamboo screen has also been planted down the side return for privacy from next door.

The existing Tree Fern and Olive tree have been placed on the decking and around the fushsia bench at the back.