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E17 Restaurant Kitchen Garden

The Brief

The brief was to transform the courtyard garden of the restaurant into a kitchen garden, producing herbs, salads and edible leaves and providing customers with an aesthetically pleasing view from the restaurant.  





The Solution

My design seeks to lead the resaurant visitors around a number of oak sleeper raised beds to view the produce and to make it easy for the gardener to tend the herbs and vegetables within the plot.


The design concentrates the raised beds in an arrangement which maximises the sunlight and creates a pleasing view from the patio doors leading from the restaurant.  The height of the raised beds make it easier for the gardener to tend the vegetables and a potting shed and cold frame were introduced for storage and to extend the growing calendar.


Each bed caters for different produce, with climbing vegetables such as peas and beans grown on obelisks in sunniest corner, salads and herbs grown in another and more shade tolerant vegetables including kale, chard and wild garlic in beds closer to the restaurant.  The planting plan also incorporates use of the cold frame to ensure year long produce.


The existing Olive tree has been replanted in one of the raised beds as a focal point to the garden and the existing bay trees and bamboo line the shady walls of the garden.