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E17 Secluded Family Garden

The Brief

To create a low maintenance, private space which complements the contemporary interior.

The Solution

The first issue was the lack of privacy, which was addressed with a tall screen of Semiarundinaria fastuosa and the addition of trellis wires to the side boundary fencing to grow evergreen climbers along.


The existing concrete patio area was too small to function properly so a pergola covered large grey sandstone patio delivers a partly shaded entertainment area flanked by flower bed on two sides to give an enclosed feeling.  Wisteria and Trachelospernum jasminoides will provide fragrant coverage throughout the year.


The flow around the garden is directed by two oak sleeper raised beds across a small oak deck, over the lawn, to a custom oak bench in the far corner which takes in the best of the views out of the garden. An Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood', Japanese Anemones and Miscanthus sinesis provide semi transparent screens, creating a feeling of seclusion of the two seating areas.


The dark grey fencing creates a contrasting backdrop to the Eastern inspiration planting in a restricted colour palette of purples, greens and whites and limited materials palette seamlessly links with the new kitchen extension.