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E3 Terraced Family Garden

The Brief

To create a tranquil but practical family garden, which would provide a pleasing view from the kitchen all year round and be easy to maintain.


The Solution

The first essential to be addressed was the creation of a usuable entertainment and dining space as the existing raised decking was 1m from the bi-fold doors and rotten.  A large sandstone patio leads to central steps and gravel landing with curved beds leading the eye along a gravel path to an alternative seating area in the shade.

 The existing Quince tree in an awkward position at the back of the garden was removed to allow for easy access to the back of the garden and the domineering Cherry Tree replaced by a Cercis Canadensis 'Forest Pansy' with changing leaf colour throughout the year.

 The materials chosen reflect the traditional materials of the Georgian house, with Raj Green sandsone, London stock bricks, flint gravel and Hit and Miss fencing which provides privacy from the neighbours whilst allowing wind and light through into the garden.  An artificial lawn creates a playzone for children and pets and a small shed will house tools.

 Planting consists of evergreen climbers including Clematis Armandii, Trachelospernum Jasinoides and Lornicera Henryii 'Copper Beauty' which will soften the fencing over time. A Parthenocissus Quincefolia 'Engelmanni' will cloak the back wall with it's colourful foliage providing a striking view from the kitchen.

 Hydrangea Petiolaris will soften the North facing fencing with Luzula nivea, Sarcocca confusa and Polystichum setiferum providing the evergreen backdrop for the seasonal flowers of Astrantia major 'Abbey Road', Galanthus and Narcissi 'Tete a tete'. The sunny beds contain Amelanthele Lessioana and Festuca evergreen grasses with seasonal colour coming from Salvia verticilata 'Purple Rain', Allium Sphareocephalon and Geranium phaem 'Samabor'.