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N16 Into the Woodland Garden

The Brief

The brief is to create an open and inviting outdoor space for entertaining whilst retaining the natural mature woodland feel of the garden for exploration and play. It is important to ensure that there is a smooth transition between these two areas.


The Solution

My design seeks to create a modern entertainment area with the large raised Balau deck softened by raised beds to the sides and front creating a partial screen between the deck and lawn area.

The existing Wisteria has been trained around the bi-folding doors of the new extension and the beds to the front and west side of the deck contain a Magnolia Stellata, herbs and sun loving grasses and taller perennials.  The bed to the east side of the deck contains the pruned back Hebe and shade loving shrubs and perennials including Hellebores, Acers and evergreen Clematis.

A flint gravel path leads you from the deck, past a small lawn to the wilder woodland area.  Climbers and climbing shrubs including Ceanothus, Clematis blend with the existing shrubs and trees with shade loving Astranita, Vinca and Ferns.

The woodland area contains two Magnolia trees and a large Choisya underplanted with Ferns, Sarcococca and woodland bulbs.  A sleeper bench backed by a bamboo screen provides a quiet reading area in the shade.