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Here I'll be telling you what I've been up to, whether it s a new design, community project or just things I've seen that I like.

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By Sarah Kay, Nov 12 2019 04:49PM

I presented my design for a Dog Friendly Back Garden to my clients last week. The space is a reasonably large North facing garden of an Edwardian house, which has been neglected for many years. My clients have recently renovated the house and would like a practical and usuable entertainment and relaxation space which is sympathetic to the needs of themselves and their puppy.

Existng garden
Existng garden

By Sarah Kay, Nov 4 2019 03:17PM

November is the month for clearing, preparing for and protecting your garden from the worst of the #Winter weather. Here my top 5 jobs to do this month.

1. Make leaf mould

Clear fallen leaves from the garden and store them in a bin bag. They will break down over time into leaf mould which is an excellent mulch for your plants in the future.

By Sarah Kay, Oct 31 2019 11:01AM

As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, now is the time to consider the Winter interest in your garden. Although there are less flowers in the garden during the Winter there are still some key features of plants which can really stand out, giving your garden all year round seasonal interest.

Here's some of my top Winter interest plants:

Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'

This shrub is the king of Winter interest for me - bright red stems and orange/magenta leaves really make this plant shine even in the depths of Winter.

By Sarah Kay, Oct 15 2019 02:19PM

Autumn is in full swing but it's still warm enough to do those final jobs before the Winter sets in. Here's my top jobs for this month in the garden.

1. Sweep up leaves from lawns and paths

Sweep up fallen leaves from lawns and paths to help stop fungal disease and store in a bag or bin to make leaf mould - a valuable mulch material for your garden.