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Here I'll be telling you what I've been up to, whether it s a new design, community project or just things I've seen that I like.

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By Sarah Kay, Sep 10 2019 04:09PM

Autumn is here. It's a little bit chillier and a little bit darker in the evening. Here's my top 5 jobs for the garden this September.

1. Fill gaps with Autumn flowering perennials

Sedum, Echinachea and Rudbeckia are all late flowering perennials that make great beacons for the insects in the Autumn.

2. Maintain your lawn

September is a great time to give your lawn an overhaul. Rake out the thatch, aerate with a garden fork and reseed any bare patches.

3. Plant up Autumn containers

Heuchera and Erica (heathers) and Anemanthele provide great evergreen backdrops to Hylotelephiums, Asters and Rudbeckias which provide colour and Autumn nectar.

4. Make leaf mould

Collect up fallen leaves to create a great mulch to put on your garden - leaf mould.

5. Plant Spring bulbs

Now is the time to plant bulbs including Crocuses, Daffodils and Fritillaries for a colourful Spring display.

So enjoy the last of the late Summer sunshine and get your jobs done this weekend.

By Sarah Kay, Aug 8 2019 08:35PM

It's the last month of the Summer so get out and enjoy your garden this August before Autumn is upon us. Here's my top tips for jobs to do this month.

1. Prune Summer flowering shrubs

Shubs that flower during the Summer (Vibernum, Buddlejia, Spirea, Hydrangea, Philadelphus) are ready for a prune once the flowers have faded.

2. Stake tall perennials

Tall perennials such as Lillies and Dahlia benefit from staking to ensure that they don't flop.

3. Cut Penstemon down

As Penstemon flowers fade, cut the back to just above a leaf to encourage more blooms.

4. Cut back herbs

Cut back herbs to encourage a new flush of leaves before the frosts set in.

5. Trim Lavendar plants

Trim Lavendar flower stems after flowering to stop it becomng woody