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E8 Urban Sanctuary Design

The design for this compact, North facing garden, seeks to create a lush, wildlife friendly oasis in it's East London urban setting.

Previously the garden was dominated by a large Bay tree and Phyllostachys bamboo which have been removed and along with new Venetian fencing on both sides allows significantly more light into the garden which create interesting shadows throughout the day.

An angled design layout was employed to bring movement and flow into the garden, with triangular beds creating a feeling of privacy and seclusion to the patio area. 

Contemporary, elegant materials (Jura Beige Limestone and Corten steel) were chosen to complement the modern extension and allow the colourful foliage and forms of the planting to shine.  Corten steel elements are repeated throughout the garden.

The tall brick wall at the back of the garden has been softened with a Parthenicissus tricuspidata (Boston Ivy) which has exquisite Autumn colour, is a fantastic wildlife habitat and nods to my client’s American heritage.  The large curved topped mirror gives the illusion of space and a Betula utilis jacquemontii provides height and graceful all year-round interest.

Practical elements have been subtly included, with a water butt planter left side of the door and a compost bin hidden by the Corten steel privacy screen.

Wildlife is encouraged into the garden via a stone bird bath and pollinator attracting planting, which also provides striking colour and fragrance throughout the year.


Oct 2021



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