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My new design - E5 Urban Curves

Usually my clients want a million different things from their gardens - a large entertainment space, storage, shade, seating, a lawn and low maintenance planting which is easy to manage.

For my new client, however, the planting was key. A very keen gardener, she wanted to maximise the green space in her garden, with a small seating area and shed the only other requirements of the space.

My design seeks to create a Mediterranean style garden using circles and curves to direct the eye around the garden. A circular sandstone seating area is surrounded by drought tolerant planting which gives sense of enclosure and is reached along a curved Breedon gravel path edged in mint sandstone setts, adding to the natural materials palette.

A small wooden shed is sited in the back right corner and is adorned with evergreen climbers to blend with the existing Jasmine and Wisteria.

A small wooden raised bed for vegetable and herb growing is sited in the sunniest part of the garden, next to the existing Olive tree. Practical elements including a water butt and hot box composter are sited down the shady side return with wooden troughs containing shade loving climbers and evergreen perennials providing some visual interest from the kitchen windows.

Existing garden - view from kitchen

I look forward to working on the detailed planting plan for this garden and hopefully see the reality later in the year.

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