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E5 Courtyard Garden Design

My brief was to maximise the use of this irregular shaped courtyard for a low maintenance, dog friendly entertainment and relaxation space for a young couple.

The issues with the irregular shapes and angles of the boundaries have been addressed using some key design tools; following the geometry of the house which draws the eye away from the boundaries, the use of focal points around the garden and dissecting the space into areas using different materials.

Views from the study are improved using focal points and visual interest on the walls including a metal framed mirror, the existing Wisteria, an Acer in a large planter and trailing plants in matching wall planters.

The space, paved with Khandler sandstone is dissected into two distinct areas using contrasting granite setts. A secluded dining area is created with a bespoke bench built into the raised bed surrounded by planting, including a stunning Dicksonian Tree Fern.

A bespoke store with a shade tolerant living roof is sited next to the raised bed and painted black to match the fencing.

Planting in the raised bed will be hardy shade tolerant ferns and perennials on the left side of the bench with the existing Wisteria and Mediterranean planting in the corner bed.


March 2021



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