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Sarah Kay is an award winning East London based garden designer with over 12 years’ experience of transforming awkward or neglected spaces into beautiful gardens which grow alongside your evolving families and lifestyle.


Sarah has built up a network of trusted landscapers and suppliers to ensure that your garden is built to the highest standards.

A unique combination of a Fine Art and marketing background means that Sarah has a great eye for colour, form and the creative use of space, and can deliver your perfect garden collaboratively with clear communication, ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

With garden design qualifications from the renowned Capel Manor college and a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers, Sarah brings a wealth of qualified experience and passion to creating bespoke, stylish but practical, wildlife friendly gardens.

The Design Process
Stage 1 - Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is £200 within 5 miles of E5 (charges for time and travel for further).   I will discuss ideas, requirements and preferences and assess the space and discuss potential options and any limitations.  From this discussion I will provide a Fee Proposal for approval.

Stage 2 - Site survey and analysis

The next stage is a site survey which is usually done by an external surveyor.  This will include plotting boundaries, level changes, existing structures and any retaining features.  I will also assess the soil and other physical factors.  From this analysis, I will produce an initial concept and moodboard for your comments/amends. 

final layout garden design plan N5 Secluded Family Gardenn
planting plan N5 Secluded Family Garden
3d visual N5 secluded family garden

Stage 3 - Design Layouts

Following initial concepts and any client comments/amends I will produce a scaled final design layout and 3D visuals for your approval. My charges for this vary dependent on size, and complexity of the project but range between £1500 - £3000

Planting Plans

A scaled planting plan for new planting areas will detail the location and spacing of all plants .  An accompanying schedule will give botanical names with quantities and size. A planting plan will usually cost between £500 - £2000
I can source the plants for you to achieve the best quality and price that we can.  Once any hard landscaping is finished I can plant the garden for you, if required.


Should you wish to proceed with the build, I produce Detailed Design documents including Scope of Works, Specifications and Construction Drawings which can be used by landscapers to tender for the build of the project. 
I can recommend landscapers and other trades and suppliers from my trusted network and run a tender to find the right contractor for your project.  I can also be involved in monitoring the project to ensure that it is built according to the design.  Tender Management will be charged based on the number of contractors quoting and Project Oversight as 10% of the build fee.
finished garden N5 secluded family garden


I can devise a tailor-made written maintenance schedule for you or a contractor to follow to ensure that your garden continues to flourish in the future or offer ongoing maintenance.

Consultancy Visit & Report

For those clients wanting to take on the garden project themselves but looking for some inspiration and advice I can offer a consultancy visit and report (within 5 miles of E5). During this visit I willl discuss the brief and assess the site. Following this meeting I will produce a written report with recommendations and advice for a redesign that can be acheived.  I charge £500 for this service.
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