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E9 Romantic Garden

My brief was to create a 'secret garden' evocative of my client's Grandma's garden.

The existing garden, in a 1980's Hackney estate,  consisted of a lawn dominated by a large fig tree, with flower beds down the side and across garden near the house.  The garden sloped steadily upwards toward the front gate along a concrete path.

My design seeks to create a secluded feeling by bringing the planting into the centre of the garden, creating beautiful vistas from the benches, front door, front gate and through the kitchen window.

Passage through the garden is directed along reclaimed brick paths, around the beds and up shallow steps in the newly created terraced garden.  The main feature is a mixed reclaimed tile patio which provides a link between the older reclaimed bricks and the modern house facade.

The front of the house and new fencing will be softened with fragrant flowering climbers including Rosa 'New Dawn' across the house facade, Wisteria sinensis across the back fence and Trachelospernum down the left hand side.

The planting in the sunnier beds follows a romantic, cottage garden feel with flowering shrubs, herbaceous perennials and Spring bulbs with the back bed including various edimentals (edible and ornamental plants) including blackcurrants, chives and Chicory.  

The shady bed near the house is filled with Acers, ferns and shade loving perennials and bulbs.



May 2024


£35K - £40K

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