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August jobs for the garden

High Summer in the garden means there's lots to be done. Here's my top 5 gardening jobs for August.

  1. Prune rambling roses

Cut back 1/3 of flowering stems and tie in the rest to supports.

2. Water, water, water

Remember to water, especially containers every few days in dry weather. Consider installing a simple watering system, especially if you are away alot.

3. Deadhead flowers

Deadhead your flowering plants to keep them blooming throughout the season

4. Cut back herbs

Cutting back herbs now will encourage a final flush of leaves to pick before the Winter sets in.

5. Cut back Lavender flowers stalks

Once your Lavender has finished flowering, cut back flower stalks to keep your shrubs in a nice compact shape. Be careful not to cut into old wood, which won't regenerate.

It's gonna be a scorcher this weekend so don't forget the suncream!

Happy Gardening.

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