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Autumn is coming - September gardening jobs.

As usual we've started September with an Indian Summer, with temperatures some of the hottest seen since June. September is the perfect time to ready your garden for it's last hurrah of late Summer colour and prepare for the incoming Autumn.

Here's my top 5 September gardening jobs:

  1. Fill gaps with late Summer perennials

late Summer flowering pink perennials
Hylotelephium and Echinachea

Provide a blast of late Summer colour with Sedums (now called Hylotelephiums), Echinanchea and Rudbeckias.

2. Lift and Divide congested perennials

Pink flowers

Once finished flowering, lift and divide congested perennials such as Achillea

3. Lawn maintenance

Aerate a lawn using a garden fork

September is a great time to give your lawn some extra attention before the Autumn. Scarify to remove dead thatch, aerate by spiking with a garden fork and reseed any bare patches.

4. Plant Spring bulbs

Muscari, a Spring flowering bulb

Autumn is the time to start planting early Spring flowering bulbs including Crocus, Muscari, Narcissi and Fritillaries.

5. Collect fallen leaves for leaf mould

decaying leaves become leaf mould

The leaves haven't quite started falling yet but will soon, so collect them and store in a big bag to make the best leaf mould, the perfect soil conditioner and mulch.


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