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Build Progress - E8 Urban Sanctuary Garden

Work started mid June the build for my E8 Urban Sanctuary Garden, which seeks to create wildlife friendly space in a small North East facing London Fields garden.

My E8 Urban Sanctuary Garden design

The biggest issue facing this garden was the dominance of a huge Bay tree and clumps of Bamboo which stole the sunlight and made the space feel cramped.

Large Bay tree and Bamboo

Bay tree removed

Just the removal of the Bay tree brought in more light and a feeling of space, which the removal of the Bamboo further increased.

The fencing has been updated with Jackson's Venetian fencing and beautiful Jura Beige Limestone from London Stone has been laid on a 45 degree angle to create interesting flow and movement out to and around the garden, bringing the focus of the flower beds into the centre.

New Venetian fencing

New Jura Beige paving

Corten steel detailing includes retaining edging to the back beds and a privacy screen which will disguise a compost bin.

Corten steel edging

Corten steel privacy screen (upside down)

I look forward to seeing the finishing touches complete and planting up this garden next week.


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