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Common garden problems and how a garden designer can help solve them?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

For my second blog in this series on the ways a garden designer can help you solve problems with your existing garden, I'm going to focus on the common complaint of no dedicated seating areas for dining, entertaining or relaxing.

Coffee pot and cups on garden table surrounded by wild flowers
A sunny spot for morning coffee - Photography by Ellie Walpole.

Frequently, the existing patio is not large enough to comfortably accommodate a dining table or is in the wrong position. Often no consideration is given to alternate seating areas, perhaps in the shade or for morning coffee. The following examples show how my designs have addressed these issues, creating the perfect spaces for my clients to enjoy their gardens.

The photo below shows a 'before' shot of my E11 Industrial Style Family Garden. The sunniest part of the garden, at the back, housed a storage shed and the patio nearest the house was not wide enough to fit a dining table and seating.

Garden with storage shed, lawn and shrubs
Before - E11 Industrial Style Family Garden

My solution was to extend the existing concrete patio down the left hand side and build in an L-shaped concrete bench/planter which creates a secluded family dining space, supplemented with a striking yellow table and bench, mirroring the colours in the geometric floor tiles. An additional concrete patio, in the sunniest part of the garden was created for relaxation in the sunshine.

Yellow dining table and bench on geometric tile patio with wildflowers
Dining patio with built in concrete bench - Photo by Ellie Walpole.

The existing patio in my E8 Urban Sanctuary Garden, was not wide enough to house even the smallest bistro table and was lower than the rest of the garden.

Bi fold doors onto a concrete patio and raised artificial lawn
Before - E8 Urban Sanctuary

My design solution was to level the garden nearer to the house, with the design based on a 45 degree angle which allows for triangular shaped flower beds and a larger limestone patio, with ample room for the existing furniture and flexibility for a larger table or bench in the future.

courtyard garden with limestone patio and colourful planting
E8 Urban Sanctuary - Photo by Ellie Walpole

The 'before' photo below highlights the lack of entertainment/dining space in my N12 Dog Friendly Garden. The space outside the patio doors was considerably lower than the house and crowded by doors and sheds.

Trees, lawn and concrete patio to Edwardian house
Before - N12 Dog Friendly Garden

My design creates a large hardwood deck will ample space for a 6 person table and surrounding planters. A bespoke L-shaped oak bench under the mature Apple tree also provides alternate seating in the dappled shade.

Deck with dining table,planting and path around lawn
Large hardwood entertainment deck - N12 Dog Friendly Garden

Garden with lawn , perimeter path, table and chair and bench under Apple tree
Bespoke oak bench under the Apple tree

So if you've got nowhere to sit and relax in your existing garden, contact me today for a consultation to see how I can help.


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