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Gardening jobs for the Easter Weekend

This bank holiday weekend is traditionally one of the busiest gardening weekends of the year. And with the forecast for sunny and warm weather, there's no better excuse to get out in the garden. Here's my top 5 gardening jobs for April.

  1. Tie in climbing and rambling roses

As your roses begin to put on new growth now is the time to feed and tie them to their supports.

2. Check roses for aphids

Staying with roses, now is the time to check for any aphids. Rub them off now before a heavier infestation sets in.

3. Renovate ferns

Cut back any brown or tatty fronds to allow for the new emerging ones.

4. Renovate your lawn

Now is the perfect time to lay turf or reseed any patchy areas.

5. Prune fig trees

Fig trees can get quite big. Shorten any overly long shoots cutting back to just above a leaf.


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