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Gardening jobs for February

The days are starting to get longer and although it' still a bit cold and wet outside, Spring is definitely on it's way. Here's my top five gardening jobs for this month.

  1. Divide snowdrops

Divide congested clumps of snowdrops after flowering to create additional drifts in your gardens.

2. Cut down deciduous grasses

Cut any deciduous grasses which have been left over Winter down to the ground to allow the new growth to come through

3. Prune Winter flowering shrubs and climbers

Shrubs and climbers including Winter jasmine, Mahonia and Heathers should be pruned after flowering.

4. Trim Ivies

Trim any overgrown Ivies and creepers before any nesting birds arrive in the Spring.

5. Prune late flowering Clematis

Prune late flowering Clematis (jackmanii, Ernest Markham, Etoile Violette) back to a pair of healthy buds 30cm from the ground.

Enjoy your garden this month and look out for more signs of Spring on the way.


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