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Gardening Jobs for October

Autumn has arrived and October is a great month to prep for the coming Winter and Spring. Here's my top 5 jobs for the garden this month.

  1. Plant Spring bulbs

This month is the best time to think ahead and add some Spring colour by planting daffodils, crocuses and snakes head fritillaries.

2. Winter Containers

Add some Winter colour now by planting up containers with Heathers, Cyclamen and Skimmia.

3. Transplant deciduous shrubs

Got shrubs in the wrong place or they have outgrown their position? Now is the perfect time to move them to a better position.

4. Prune shrub roses

Reduce the height of shrub roses now to prevent damage from wind rock over Winter.

5. Rake fallen leaves

Remove leaves from lawn and paths and store in a bag to create leaf mould to use as a mulch on your garden.

Enjoy October in your garden!


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