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Gardening Jobs for October

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

As the days become shorter and we head into Autumn, there's lots to be done in the garden.

Here's my top 5 gardening jobs for October.

  1. Divide congested perennials

Raised flower bed with Birch trees and flowering herbaceous perennials

Create new plants for free by dividing congested perennials whilst the soil is still warm.

2. Plant Spring Bulbs

White Tulips planted around the base of a multi stem Birch tree

Plant Spring bulbs, particularly early flowering Crocus, Narcissi and Fritilleries. Consider waiting until November to plant Tulips as this helps avoid Tulip fire

3. Make leaf mould

Collect fallen leaves and put into a bin bag or compost bin to create leaf mould, a fantastic mulch and soil conditioner.

Autumn leaves

4. Autumn Lawn Maintenance

Aerate a lawn with a garden fork

October is the perfect time to give your lawn some TLC. Feeding, aerating and reseeding can all be done this month whilst the soil is still warm and there's a good chance of rain.

5. Mulch

Bark mulch

Putting a 5cm layer of mulch around your plants helps improve the structure of your soil, suppresses weeds and retains moisture. Use leaf mould, composted bark, mushroom compost or regular household compost and avoid getting too close to woody stems of shrubs and trees.

More from me next month!


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