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It's April! My top 5 gardening jobs this month.

The clocks have gone forward and we get extra sunlight in the evening so there is no excuse to not get out in your gardens and get them ready for Summer. Here's my top 5 gardening jobs for April.

  1. Deadhead Spring Bulbs

yellow, cream daffodil in a raised bed garden
Narcissi in my E2 Canalside Planting Design

Dead head your Spring bulbs including Daffodils and Tulip as this helps the bulbs to produce flowers next year.

2. Prune Hydrangeas

Pink Hydrangea in a flower bed
Hydrangea in my E11 Industrial Style Family Garden

Now is the time to prune Hydrangeas down to a lower healthy bud.

3. Check for aphids on Roses

Apricot, pink climbing rose against a fence
Rosa Ghislaine de feligonde in my N12 Dog Friendly Garden

As the weather gets warmer it's the perfect time for aphids to feed on the new shoots of your roses. Check and remove by hand or spray with an organic aphid spray. The best way to stop aphids is to grow plants which attract ladybirds or hoverflies, both which eat aphids.

4. Cut back fern fronds

Fern fronds
Shade planting in my E5 Courtyard design

Just before the new fronds unfurl, cut back any dead or tatty fronds.

5. Lawn care

Green grass

April is the best month for lawn care, before it get too dry. Reseed or returf, aerate, top dress and edge your lawn this month.

Happy April Gardening!


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