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March gardening jobs

With mid March comes Spring, longer days and hopefully some sunshine. Here's my top 5 gardening jobs this month to get your garden ready for the coming seasons.

  1. Mulch around plants

Mulching around your plants (approx 5cm thick) can help improve soil structure, suppress weeds and retain moisture in the soil. Composted bark, leaf mould and mushroom compost generally make the best mulches.

2. Don't cut down spent Narcissi foliage

Pick off seed heads but let Narcissi foliage die back naturally to give stronger blooms next year.

3. Cut shrubs with colourful stems down to the base

Cornus and Salix stems should be cut down to 5-7cm from the base to help encourage colourful stem regrowth.

4. Top dress containers

Replace or top up the top 5cm of compost in containers to give plants a Spring boost.

5. Plant Summer flowering bulbs

Plant Summer flowering bulbs including Nerines, bearded Iries and Oriental Lillies.

Here's to Spring just around the corner!


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