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September Gardening Jobs

It's back to school and back to work for lots of people this month. Don't let all that hard work in the garden over the last few months go to waste. With just a few key jobs each month you can keep your garden looking great for you to enjoy your time at home.

Here's my top 5 jobs for this month.

  1. Plant up Autumn interest Containers

Add some Autumn colour easily by planting up some container with bold Autumn flowering plants including heathers, cyclamen and heucheras.

2. Plant Spring bulbs

Plant early flowering Spring bulbs in gaps to provide some early season colour before most herbaceous plants really get going.

3. Fill gaps with late flowering perennials

Fill any gaps with late performing perennials like Hylotelephiums (previously know as Sedum).

4. Divide congested herbaceous perennials

Divide congested perennials for new plants for free

5. Lawn Maintenance

Aerate, reseed or re-turf and neaten edges - all good to do this month.

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