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Spring's here - March gardening jobs

Its feels like Spring has arrived. With bulbs out in force and buds appearing on Magnolia and Cherry tree it feels like the season has turned a corner. Here's my top 5 gardening jobs for March.

  1. Plant Summer flowering bulbs

Nerines, Lilies and other Summer flowering bulbs can be planted now for a mid summer display of colour.

2. Cut down Cornus and Salix stems

Maximise colourful stems on Cornus and Salix shrubs by cutting stems down to approx 5cm from the ground.

3. Mow your lawn

As the days become warmer your grass will start growing. Mow with the blade on the highest setting and neaten edges with a half moon tool.

4. Mulch around plants

Spring is a great time to mulch around your plants to help suppress weeds, retain moisture and improve the soil structure.

5. Lift and divide existing perennials

Existing perennials can become congested clumps. Spring is the time to lift and divide these clumps to create new plants.


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