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Top 5 Gardening Jobs for September

It doesn't feel like we've really had a Summer this year, with the high rainfall and low(ish) temperatures but on the plus side most plants have enjoyed this weather and all my gardens are looking very green and lush. As we head into Autumn there is still some time for a late (Indian) Summer to materialise and plenty to do in the garden.

Here's my top 5 jobs for this month.

  1. Fill gaps with late flowering perennials

Hylotelephium's (Sedum's rather wordy new name) are the perfect Autumn flowering gap filler and provide important late season nectar for insects.

2. Lawn Maintenance

Whilst the soil is still warm now is the perfect time to spruce up your lawn. Rake out thatch (dead grass), aerate any compacted areas with a garden fork, reseed any bare patches and tidy up your edges. Your lawn will thank you for it.

3. Lift and divide late flowering perennials

Clumps of perennials which flower later in the Summer such as Achillea will benefit from a lift and divide this month.

4. Check tree ties and plant supports

Check that tree ties and plant supports are secure before the onset of the strong Autumn winds.

5. Make leaf mould

Reuse any fallen leaves to good purpose. Put in a black bin bag and store until they have rotted down to leaf mould. Makes a great garden mulch - and free too!


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