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When the concept becomes the reality. My E9 Romantic Garden.

It's so lovely to see a garden go from design concept to planted reality. My E9 Romantic Garden design seeks to create a secluded 'secret garden' within a Brutalist London estate.

Multi stem Birch and reclaimed tile patio
E9 Romantic Garden - the reality

Sketch up 3D visualisation of garden design
E9 Romantic Garden - 3D Visualisation

The 3D visualisation above shows how helpful concepts are at showing clients exactly what their garden will look like.

The Before image below shows the garden, dominated by a large Fig tree and lawn.

Front garden with large Fig tree and concrete path

My design seeks to create secluded spots and vistas through the multi stem trees with the main patio created using beautiful mixed reclaimed tiles.

Reclaimed tile patio with Acer and Birch trees
View from the kitchen framed by the trees

Flowering shrubs including Viburnum bodnatense 'Dawn', Syringa 'Josee' and Sambuscus nigra 'Black Lace' form the backdrop of the main planting bed with fragrant climbers including several climbing roses, Trachelospernum jasminoides and Wisteria sinensis softening the new fencing.

Birch tree flowering shrubs and cottage garden plants
View from front door

The back bed features a multi Amelanchier lamarckii for 3 season interest underplanted with edimentals including Ribes Ben Connan, Tulbaghlia violeca and Allium schoenoprasm.

Reclaimed tile patio surround by planting
View from front door

I look forward to helping this beautiful space to establish over the coming months.

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