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Wildlife Pond Update

I created a wildlife pond last Autumn to try to encourage frogs, newts and beneficial insects into my urban London garden, using an old zinc bath, bricks, pebbles and some small rocks.

6 - 9 months on and this is how it looks now. Marginal plants and a water lily have been added to try to increase the amount of vegetation in the pond as I understand this should be around 75-80%.

The oxygenating plants that I added originally didn't survive and I seem to be getting what I think it blanket weed, which I have been clearing sporadically. I think that the pond is getting more sun than I expected so I'm going to replace the oxygenating plants and possibly add in some Black Liquid Dye which clears blanket weeds and algae from ponds by stopping the UV light getting through.

I will let you know how I get on. So far no sign of frogs, newts or dragonflies but there are some small water snails and some eggs on a leaf of my Pondederia cordata so fingers crossed for more this year.

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