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A masterclass in Winter interest gardening

I visited Cambridge Botanical Gardens last week to see the beautiful Winter gardens and I couldn't have picked a better day, weather wise. Clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine was the perfect backdrop to the riot of colour and fragrance that is the Winter garden.

The garden is arranged around a circular path and the entrance to the garden is flanked by two Daphne blohua 'Jacqueline Postill' with highly fragrant pink flowers.

The garden is a masterclass in creating Winter interest planting combinations with Cornus siberica underplanted with Bergenia 'Bressingham Ruby' and Hellebore foetidus.

Other gorgeous combinations include Hammemellis intermedia 'Jelena' underplanted with Eranthus hyemalis (Winter Aconite), one of the first flowers of the year.

I loved the unusual silvery white stems of the Salix irrota underplanted with Galanthus (snowdrops.

If you get a chance go and visit. It's an explosion for the senses - great at this usually grey time of year.

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