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My go-to Spring bulbs

Now is the time to get bulbs in the ground to ensure a colourful start to the year. Most bulbs like a free draining soil so consider adding in a bit of horticultural grit into the planting hole if you have clay soil and remember to plant your bulbs 3 times the depth of their size. Here's a few of my favourites.

1. Allium 'Purple Sensation'

These have to be my all time favourite bulbs with their fantastic architectural globe like flowers. There are lots of different Allium varieties but 'Purple Sensation' are the most reliable in my opinion. The dried flower heads looks fantastic in the Summer and Autumn too.

2. Narcissi 'Tresamble'

This is a lovely creamy white narcissi with a slightly ruffled yellowy centre. Flowering in March - April and with strong stems that hold up against rain and wind this variety is a really great performer.

3. Muscari armeniacum

These vibrant purple-blue conical flowers bring a real pop of colour to the Spring borders. They work best in dense clumps towards the front of the borders and being low growing are also resiliant to rain and wind.

4. Tulipa 'Showcase'

This beautiful double tulip has a vibrant dark pink flower with a yellow centre. Flowering in late April this combines beautifully with Muscari seen here in my E2 Canalside planting design.

5. Galanthus nivalis

A must have for any shady border, as one of the first flowers to bloom in January this brightens up the Winter garden. I would recommend planting these 'in the green' in the Spring rather than as a bulb in the Autumn as they are much more reliable.

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