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A timeless classic - my N16 Victorian Front Garden design

I've recently completed a design for a front garden for a double fronted Victorian house. The brief was to create a practical front garden that is sympathetic to Victorian architecture of the house.

The existing space is a North East facing front garden with a concrete wall covered by overgrown ivy with flower bed running the length of the front wall on both sides. One of the key issues is that the house does not run parallel with the street which makes the garden deeper on the left hand, giving a lop sided feeling for the space.

My design follows the line of the building, giving a more ordered feeling to the garden. The front wall is replaced with a low London brick wall with piers and Victorian style wrought iron railings and a matching gate, which complement the house architecture.

The other key issue with the existing garden is the concrete path is not lined up with the front door and steps and is too narrow. The steps to the house are also uneven and not aligned with the door threshold, creating a potential trip hazard. I proposed reforming the steps with sawn Sandstone bullnose treads and entrance step. A wider Victorian quarry tile path in a chequerboard pattern edged with Victorian rope edging will align with the Victorian styling.

Sawn Sandstone stepping stones lead to a double bin store for easy access and this is surrounded by permeable SUD's compliant gravel.

As much of the existing planting as possible will be retained and enhanced with additional shrub and herbaceous shade tolerant planting, which will include some taller plants to enhance the views from the house. Evergreen climbers will be trained around the front doors and adorn the railings, softening the side of the bin store.

I look forward to seeing this garden come into reality early next year.


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