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Chelsea 2020 - the year that wasn't

This Thursday I would have been visiting RHS Chelsea for the sixth year running, to get ideas and inspiration for the coming year and let's face it - it's just a lovely day out.

Unfortunately not so this year. The BBC are still running Chelsea coverage although it's more of a retrospective of previous shows and the RHS are hosting a Virtual Chelsea with talks and tips from famous garden designers and horticulturalists.

I've decided to do my own Chelsea retrospective with my favourite Chelsea gardens since 2013. Here they are:

1. Sarah Price 2018

I think this is my favourite Chelsea garden of all time - the coppery colours of the rammed earth towers contrasted beautifully with the naturalist planting. I could have stared at this this garden forever!

2. Help for Heroes - Matt Kneightley 2014

I loved the simplicity of the grey stone blocks softened by the planting in this People Choice favourite from 2014.

3. Mekong Garden - Sarah Eberle

I'm a big fan of Sarah Eberle's designs and this has been my favourite of her show gardens. With planting and hard landscaping inspired by the ecology of the Mekong delta this garden takes you there effortlessly.

4. Walker's Forgotten Quarry Garden - Graham Bodle 2019

I loved this ingenious artisan garden which mixed industrial copper elements with planting of dark evergreen and flowers which picked up on the colours of the metal elements.

5. Chris Beardshaw 2018

From the master of the Chelsea show garden this combined sculpture, water and beautiful planting masterfully.

I hope everyone enjoys the Chelsea coverage this week and can't wait to see you next year Chelsea!

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