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Spring is in the to get us through the Winter

It feels like it's been Winter forever, doesn't it? But remember the official start of Spring is only 5 weeks away. Here's some Spring flowers and look forward to and to help ease you through the last days of Winter.

  1. Crocus tommasinianus

Bright purple flowers with yellow orange stamens
Crocus tommasinianus

One of the first of the early blooms, apprearing in late Winter, this one of the easiest bulbs to naturalise so perfect in lawns or with dwarf grasses. And the bees love them.

2. Helleborus x hybridus

Yellow green flower with purple markings
Helleborus x hybridus

Also known as the Lenten Rose, Hellebores are one of my favourite Winter flowers, bringing gorgeous colour and exquisite flowers to the garden just at the right time. With colours ranging from lime greens, white, pink and purples, theres a Hellebore for everyone and they are a great nectar source for the insects too.

3. Muscari armeniacum

Bright blue purple flower on green stems
Muscari armeniacum

A lovely pop of Spring colour in April and May, Muscari look fabulous in pots combined with dwarf Narcissi or naturalised at the front of a border.

4. Convallaria majalis

Broad green leaves with creamy white bell like flowers
Convallaria majalis

A great ground cover plant for shady area, otherwise known as Lily of the Valley, this produces white or cream, fragrant, bell-like flowers in May.

5. Tulipa

White tulip with green yellow markings and grasses
Tulipa 'Spring Green'

Tulip are probably the best loved Spring bulbs with a vast array of colours, shapes and forms. With some flowering in March and some through to June you can have an everchanging tulip display throughout most of the Spring.


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