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Creating privacy and storage in an E5 Basement Front Garden

Aside from a few small snagging items, my design for an E5 Basement Front Garden was completed last week.

The key issues with this South facing front garden were a lack of privacy from the street and the complete absence of planting. My clients also wanted storage for bikes incorporated into this awkward space.


To create privacy I designed some large bespoke planters to sit on the existing retaining wall with Pittosporum 'Golf Ball' hedging, softening and lightening the space.

A tall Silver Birch in a large planter provides a height accent and links with the Silver birch on the street. A sedum green roof on the bespoke wooden bike box ( and a herb garden in a window box adds to the planting which is served by an irrigation system.

The steps leading down to the basement have been rebuilt to allow for easier access with a bike into the basement garden and light coloured Gea porcelain has been used to lighten up the area.

Victorian details like the cast iron coal chute cover and Victorian tile entrance reflect the architecture of the house.

I look forward to seeing this completed in the next week or so.

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