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Designing in a socially distanced future

As the UK makes initial steps to move out of lockdown, what does this mean for garden designers and how we can work going forward? For me, the most important thing is my clients view and the protection of myself, my clients and anyone working for me in one of my gardens.

For clients that are not happy about any contact, especially those gardens where access is through the house only I've developed some Virtual Garden Design Services which use Zoom for virtual meetings but do rely on additional information from the client beforehand including photos and video of the garden, measurements and soil or location information.

Example of Garden Consultation Report

My Virtual Garden Consultation report is aimed at clients who would like to do or organise the work themselves but are looking for a garden designer's expertise to recommend what they can practically do in their gardens within their budget. This process starts with a Zoom meeting (usually lasting around an hour) where I take a brief and talk through some aspects of the garden and initial ideas. Following the consultation, I will produce a written report with my recommendations and supplier information. The cost for this service is £300.

If you require a more detailed planting plan with exact plant types, quantities and positioned I can produce a Virtual Planting Plan. Prices will vary dependant of the size of the planting areas is usually between £500 - £1500.

Example - planting plan

For client's looking for a full design and build solution, designs can be completed virtually using Zoom consultations, providing there are accurate plans available or that the client can accurately measure the garden. I've recently completed a design for a large balcony in a new build apartment complex and because there were scaled plans of the complex available, I was able to design with confidence in the measurements.

If a client is happy for me to survey the garden myself I have developed some guidelines, based on governmental advice, for working whilst maintaining social distancing and hygiene requirements.

When it comes to building gardens, some clients may prefer to wait for this. Some landscapers are working, following guidelines and risk assessment recommendations, whilst others are preferring to wait until later in the year. The size of the site and access will generally dictate these decisions.

If you have any questions about a potential design project and how I might approach it, please contact me to discuss.

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