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E3 Terraced Family Garden - Testimonial

We had lived with the view of our garden for years thinking it was okay but deep down we knew it needed work. Unappealing planting beds and a threadbare lawn complemented some unsafe rotten decking. Pot plants were our amateur attempt to hide it all. Today we look out upon, amongst many others, a Forest Pansy tree that seems to change colour by the day, evergreen grasses and ferns, jasmine and clematis climbers and a bright red Virginia creeper all designed to show their best throughout the year. Sarah came on board and very quickly articulated what we knew we wanted but hadn’t been able to action ourselves. She has been able to conceptualise our desire for an easily maintainable peaceful yet practical space that needed to serve the needs of a family and an adventurous pet. Often not easy to do Sarah was able to translate the concept into a design that has really brought the garden into our home rather than a rarely used standalone space outside. The designs, planting plans and mood boards were beautifully presented with huge amounts of detail, all of which was appreciated along the way. Sarah’s real forte however is not just her extensive knowledge of plants and how they work together and across seasons, but also creating a design that respected the garden’s context. The choice of materials used in the redesign of the garden complement not only the chosen plants but also the architectural history of the house and surroundings. This has created an aesthetic that is much more than can be provided by plants alone. What she has created is a garden that has really become an integral part of our house. The garden now seems to fit which it never felt like it did before. So often it is hard to find people who are genuinely nice to work with, especially when work on one’s house can be disruptive and stressful, but Sarah is that person. She is calm, realistic, has a great eye for visualising the final outcome and probably most importantly just gets on with it in a truly professional manner and we would highly recommend you talk to her if you are where we were before embarking on this project. Many thanks again Sarah, it has been a real pleasure working with you. James and Laura, E3

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