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Gardening Jobs for June

The 21st June is the longest day and June is the perfect time to enjoy your garden. Here's my top 5 jobs for this month to keep it looking great.

  1. Tie in climber shoots

As your climbers and rambling roses really start to grow this month, make sure you tie them in to wires or trellis, horizontally if possible to support the flowering stems.

2. Stake tall plants

Tall plants like Veronicastrum, Delphiums and Hollyhocks need some extra support with bamboo canes.

3. Prune Spring flowering shrubs

Spring flowering shrubs, which have finished flowering can be pruned now. Shrubs like Weilega and Philadelphus will respond well to hard pruning if the shape needs to be maintained.

4. Water well and wise

Check the soil regularly and water if dry, especially newly planted trees and shrubs. Try to use collected rainwater where you can.

5. Control aphids organically

Clematis and Roses are particularly vulnerable to aphid attack. Pick of any that you see on new shoots and spray larger infestations with the mist spray of your hose. Try to avoid using any chemicals as this will kill beneficial insects too.

Enjoy June in your garden!


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