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How to create an E11 Woodland Garden in an existing space? Part 1 Hard Landscaping complete.

My brief was to make better use of the back area of my client's garden, in which I had redesigned the planting in March 2022. The back area contained a storm damaged shed, rotten decking, overgrown shrubs and had become a dumping ground for left over materials, gardening equipment and pots. My plan was to create an E11 Woodland Garden.

Fencing, decking, old pots and shed

My design gives the irregular shaped space a new purpose as a sun-filled, secluded patio to enjoy a morning coffee or lunch, surrounded by woodland planting, which borrows from the wider landscape beyond the garden.

Plan for new garden design
Final Layout Design

Garden planted in naturalistic style with Miscanthus and woodland
New Ilex, replanted Betula and Pittosporum shrubs link to the woodland beyond

A new position for a larger shed hides the access and allows for the side of the shed to be softened with climbers and a planting bed in front.

Cream shed and fencing
New shed position allows for planting in front to create a flower filled secluded patio

The size of the bed on the sunny side of the garden has been increased and edged with oak sleepers and will include plants that link to the main garden including Hylotelephium, Salvia and white Tulips.

Fencing, decking and pots
Before - narrow beds and rotten decking abandoned planters

Oak sleepers and replanted Betula
Raised bed edged with sleepers allows for increased planting

Before and after views from the main garden shows how this space now links with the main garden through the use of similar hard landscaping materials and plants.

garden with raised beds, steps, decking and pots
Before - Overgrown shrubs, mismatched fencing, rotten decking and abandoned pots

Sandstone patio, steps, raised beds and sleepers
After - new fencing, patio and sleepers to match main garden

Watch this space for the planting going in next week.


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