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July jobs for the garden

Now Summer is in full swing there's lots to be done in the garden. Here's my top five jobs for this month.

  1. Cut lavender for drying

Lavender flower stems should be cut back after flowering. Hang them up to dry for natural air freshener

2. Keep your pots watered

Pots dry out quickly in the hot weather. Check the soil each day and if dry give them a good watering.

3. Plant Autumn flowering bulbs

Bulbs like Nerines provide a lovely colourful display in the Autumn and should be planted now.

4. Deadhead Geraniums

Deadheading hardy Geraniums will produce another flush of flowers later in the season

5. Prune Wisteria

Prune the wispy growth back to 5/6 leaves to limit the size and encourages flower buds to form for next year.

Enjoy your garden this month.

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