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Key features of a New Orleans Courtyard?

I'm about to start designing a New Orleans inspired courtyard so I've been researching this garden style to identify the key features.

  1. Lush Tropical Planting

Planting in a New Orleans garden is bold, lush and tropical, driven by the mild, humid, subtropical climate of the region. Think Palms, Tree ferns, trailing plants and architectural foliage. A London courtyard should be have a fairly mild micro climate, being sheltered from winds and heavy frosts but do remember that any tender plants should be wrapped or brought inside over Winter.

Brick raised bed planter in my E5 Courtyard Garden

2. Brick

Brick features heavily in a New Orleans courtyard with patios in herringbone or stretcher patterns and raised beds planters providing some height to the gardens. When choosing the brick or clay pavers it is important that it matches or blends with the house brick.

3. Black Metal Features

Furniture tends to be black wrought iron style and decorative like this bench and bistro set from Rockett St George. Pergolas, verandahs and balconys and railing follow a similar style.

Ornate balcony in E5

4. Climbers

As New Orleans gardens tend to be inward looking courtyards, brick walls or fences are covered with climbers, with evergreen Jasmine (Trachelospernum jasminoides) providing a fragrant evergreen backdrop.

Trachelospernum jasminoides in flower

5. French Renaissance Features

Containers are widely used in New Orleans gardens and are usually of a French Renaissance style in keeping with the French colonial influence of the region. Fountains and water features following this style also feature heavily.

I look forward to bringing a corner of New Orleans to E12. Watch this space for progress.


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