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My E11 Industrial Style Family Garden - 6 months on

Whilst most of the hard landscaping and planting of my E11 Industrial Style Family Garden was completed in March, the garden was fully completed in July due to Storm Eunace damage and plant delays.

I revisited the garden this week, 6 months on, to see how the planting has settled in how well the garden has survived the Summer drought.

My lovely clients have done a fantastic job of keeping the plants watered during the challenges of this Summer and the plants are really thriving. Here are just some of the highlights.

Wildflower Lawn

The wildflower turf has been an ever changing tapestry of colour and texture and has drawn in pollinators throughout the Summer. I think it looked its most spectacular in May when the photo above was taken.

By June, the meadow was dominated by Achillea 'White Beauty' which linked beautifully with the Achillea 'Cloth of Gold' in the main flower bed.

The meadow will be due it's first cut next month, once the seed has set ready for next year.

Fragrant Stepping Stone path

This has been particularly successful towards the sunnier back of the garden, with the Thyme and Chamomile softening the concrete stepping stones and releasing lovely aromas as you walk down the path. The shadier end of the path near the house has been softened with Sagina sabuata (Irish Moss) and Solierolia solierolli (mind your own business) which hasn't enjoyed this Summer's drought but is starting to establish with the recent rains.

Sedum Roof

All successful family gardens need practical storage for toys, bikes and tools. This bespoke storage box was built by Brighton Bike Sheds and includes a beautiful sedum roof, which creates a changing backdrop to the seating area.

This was how it looked in June.

I'll keep you posted on further developments with the garden over time. Watch this space.

Thank you to Nordland Landscapes for a fantastic job on the landscaping and to North Hill Nurseries for the fantastic plants. Thank you also to Cambridge Corten for the Bug Hotels.


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