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Progress on my E11 Industrial Style Family Garden

Work continues on the development of my E11 Industrial Style Garden with the hard landscaping due for completion this week.

Here's a reminder of how the garden will look when completed.

The cast concrete sofa/planter is complete, filled with drainage material and compost awaiting shade loving evergreen plants to soften and enclose the space.

A green roofed storage box has been painted the same light grey as the fencing and provides a practical storage solution for bikes and other children's play equipment.

The striking geometric tiles have been cleverly cut into the kitchen patio and produce a striking contrast to the flat grey of the concrete and boundaries.

A water butt/planter is an aesthetically pleasing solution to rain water management in the garden and will be planted with an architectural fern in it's predominantly shady position.

The rebar trellis and copper wall lights are in position on the back fencing to provide light to the secluded back patio, a perfect spot for evening Summer drinks.

Espalier Apple trees will be trained against the rebar trellis as a hark bark to my client's Devon childhood.

The Corten bug hotels are weathering nicely and will be filled by my clients ready to be placed in position once the planting is complete.

And the first plant has gone in - a multi stem Amelanchier which will provide 3 season interest and eventually be surrounded by wildlife friendly planting. I look forward to planting this up in the Spring.


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