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My E12 New Orleans Inspired Courtyard - progress so far

This E12 New Orleans Courtyard garden has been 18 months in the planning so it was great to finally break ground on it a few weeks ago. Here's an animation showing the design. My client requested a garden inspired by New Orleans so the design seeks to create a courtyard with a nod to French and Tropical influences.

The space is a compact garden of only 37m2 with a side return making up about 30% of the space. The challenge was to create usable relaxation space whilst including all the features requested by my client.

garden with paving trees and fencing

The landscaping team stripped all the hard landscaping and fencing, leaving just the existing trees which give the space some privacy from surrounding neighbours.

Garden clearance
Clearance underway

The drainage has been improved, new Rosewood stained fencing installed and a clay paver patio laid herringbone to create a space which harmonises with the red brick of the house.

Red clay pavers
Roma clay pavers laid herringbone

A powder coated steel veranda frames the kitchen doors and will have a Wisteria trained around it providing fragrance and colour in the late Spring.

Black crittal doors onto clay paver patio
Black powder coated veranda frames the doors

Brick raised beds are inspired by New Orleans garden style and provide additional perching places.

Brick raised planters and edging
Brick raised planters

Watch this space for more great details to be added. Thanks to Jon and the team at Nordland Landscapes for their fantastic work and Dan at T Brown & Sons for the veranda.

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