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New from the studio this week. My design for an E11 Tapestry Lawn.

I'd previously redesigned the planting in this Wanstead garden in 2022, but my client was unhappy with the existing lawn, as it had become compacted with various weeds and moss patches.

Back garden with lawn raised beds and naturalistic planting
Existing back garden with large lawn

I suggested a Tapestry Lawn as the lawn had minimal footfall and it would bring colour and texture into the centre of the garden, blending with the more naturalistic planting in the surrounding beds.

The far end of the lawn is in full sun with the end nearest the house in partial shade for most of the day. A mowing strip of the existing lawn would be required to maintain the surrounding beds and the soil was likely to need enriching in parts and grit added for drainage improvements.

Example of planting design plan
Tapestry Lawn Planting Design

Low growing, mainly evergreen species have been selected and I've opted to use plug plants, which have established well in another garden where I have created a stepping stone path interspersed with fragrant ground covers.

Sun lovers include Chamaemelum nobile (Chamomile), Thymus serphyphyllum (Creeping Thyme) and Trifolium repans (White Clover) with more shade tolerant species including Viola Konigin Charlotte (Violets), Prunella vulgaris (Self heal) and Mentha pulegium (Penny royal).

The plants are arranged in informal drifts to create a harmonious everchanging, wildlife friendly picture throughout the year

I look forward to sharing once this is plants in a month or so.


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