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Recent Project Profile - N5 Secluded Family Garden Design - 9 months on

I've been busy over the last few days, photographing my most recent projects. The brief for my N5 Secluded Family Garden was to design a low maintenance space, suitable for a growing family with a recently acquired puppy.

Pleached trees, dark fencing and raised brick bed
Pleached Carpinus provide privacy from the neighbours

Puppy in dark garden

The existing space was dark and uninviting, mainly due to a large Bay tree which dominated the right side of the garden, and a large Ceanothus (Californian Lilac) and Phyllostachys Nigra towards the back. My design, based on 45 degree geometry, seeks to create a private garden, through the use of pleached Carpinus trees and a feature Betula tree which is elegant and easy to maintain.

Bench surrounded by planting
Secluded seating nook under a Silver Birch

The 45 degree format creates triangular raised beds which bring the planting into the centre of the garden and create seating areas with flexible additional seating provided by the raised bed porcelain coping.

Brick raised bed with grey fencing a bright pink planters
45 degree format creates triangular raised beds

Horizontal batten fencing, painted dark grey contrasts with the fragrant climbers including Trachelospernum jasminoides (evergreen Jasmine) and Rosa d'Adelaide. Large fuschia planters provide a pop of vibrant colour, which pick out the purple foliage around the garden.

Oak bench, brick raised beds,  dark grey fencing and pleached trees
L shaped custom oak bench provides adequate seating for 6

A custom L- shaped oak bench will eventually become the main dining space surrounded by the Japanese inspired planting on two sides.

Pink flowers with shadows from the tree on the fencing
Beautiful shadow play from the Silver Birch on the fencing

The planting has a muted, constrained colour palette of greens, white and pinks, contrasting beautifully with the dark grey fencing.

Thank you to all my collaborators on the project:

Landscaping by Acacia Gardens Ltd

Lighting by Nicholas Turner Electrics

Planters from Europlanters

Plants from Provender Nurseries


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