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Self isolation - how your garden can help

Myself and my family are in 14 day self isolation at the moment and although we're a little concerned about CoViD-19 and it's effects, my main concern is staying healthy in body and mind over the next two weeks.

Your garden can become a real sanctuary of calm in these stressful times and it is really important that we spend some time outside everyday to ensure we are getting enough sunlight and fresh air. If you haven't done already this enforced isolation is the perfect time to clear, tidy and make your garden into a lovely place to spend your time, reading, relaxing or exercising.

I purposely made my garden low maintenance as I know that despite my love of gardening, time would prevent spending more than an hour or so per week on it. Raised beds, gravel areas (rather than grass) and a planting scheme with a focus on grasses and evergreens with splashes of seasonal colour all contribute a lower maintenance space

I intend to spend my self isolation time weeding and cutting back old foliage on my grasses to allow for new Spring growth.

I'm also going to pressure wash my patio and steps in preparation for the Summer, a noisy and messy job, but one worth doing to control algae and stop them becoming slippery.

So to help you all turn your gardens into a place of Coronavirus sanctuary, until the end of March I'm offering free advice on what jobs to do in your gardens whilst you are at home. Just contact me via the Contact form on my website or directly to my email with photographs of your gardens.

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