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Superbloom - finally horticultural public art we can be proud of

After the disastrous 'Marble Arch Mound' project earlier in the year I was feeling a bit concerned about how the 'Superbloom' project at the Tower of London would turn out.

However following the build up on Twitter, with Landform responsible for the ground works and landscaping and Nigel Dunnett, Professor of Planting Design and Urban Horticulture, responsible for the planting design, I was looking forward to seeing how the finished landscape would look.

Superbloom is the permanent transformation of the moat at the Tower of London to a naturalistic landscape and biodiverse habitat for pollinators.

Nigel Dunnett has developed 15 different coloured themed seed mixes, along with wildflower turf and perennial combinations to produce a beautiful everchanging tapestry of plants which will attract pollinators into this urban environment.

'The Nest' sculpture by Spencer Jenkins is a circular willow structure, a sustainable material weaved around a steel frame, which imitates animal nest building techniques and offers viewing holes to the wildflower meadows beyond.

Raised up sections of the planting give an 'insects view' of the planting to show how a pollinator would see the flowers and to help encourage the public to grow their own 'Superbloom' meadows with the seed pack available to schools and other groups.

I look forward to seeing how the meadow changes and develops over time.


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