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Top 5 April Gardening Jobs

With the longer days and warmer (well at least sunnier) weather, Spring is well underway. Here's my top 5 jobs for the garden this month.

  1. Prune Hydrangeas

Cut back old stems to a healthy shoot lower down for great blooms this year.

2. Check for aphids

Check your prized roses for aphids and pick them off before it becomes an infestation.

3. Renew your lawn

April is the perfect time to re-sow or turf your lawn. We should be past the risk of frosts and the warmer, wetter weather will help the lawn to establish.

4. Deadhead Spring bulbs

Deadhead tulips and daffodils but leave the foliage to die down naturally as this helps the bulbs store nutrients for next year's growth.

Fingers crossed for some sunny days this month to help the garden along.


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