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Update on my N16 Victorian Front Garden build

It's been challenging Spring. With the ongoing pandemic and new Brexit regulations causing supply issues for both hard landscaping materials and plants, there has been delays in getting my designs built in time for Summer.

Work on my N16 Victorian Front Garden started in mid June, delayed from end of April and it's been steady progress for the last two weeks with stop/starts due to the unpredictable weather.

It's really started to come together this week, the London stock brick front wall is now built, replacing an ugly concrete wall covered with ivy, and awaits new metal railings and gate.

New London stock wall with sandsone coping


The uneven front steps and off centre, narrow, path have been replaced with beautiful sawn beige sandstone bullnosed steps from London Stone and a Victorian tilled path edged with rope edging.

Beige sawn sandstone bullnose steps and Victorian path


Drainage from the down pipes has been improved and a new bin store will be installed with access via a sawn beige sandstone stepping stone path surrounded by gravel.

Beige sawn sandstone path & Victorian rope edging


A new sawn beige sandstone entrance step and coping stones complete the detailing on this front garden which will really complement the Victorian styling of the house. I look forward to seeing the completion of this garden with the planting by the end of the month. Thanks to Daniel, Nick and Mischa from Nordland Landscpaes for all their hard work on this project so far.


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