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What gardening jobs to do this July?

Now that we are in the full swing of Summer we will be spending more time out in the garden. What gardening jobs should we be doing to keep it looking it's best through July?

Purple geranium flowers
  1. Deadheading Summer Perennials

Summer perennials like Geraniums, Penstemons and Salvia benefitted from a cut back to encourage a second flush of flowers.

Pruning Wisteria leaves to 5/6 buds

2. Prune Wisteria

The wispy shoots on Wisteria should be pruned back this month to 5/6 buds, allowing space encourage flowers next year.

Pink nerines

3. Plant Autumn flowering bulbs

Bulbs like Lilies and Nerine should be planted now for a colourful Autumn display.

Pink roses

4. Deadhead roses

Roses will continue to flower throughout the Summer if deadheaded. Take the stem right back to a set of leaves.

Watering plants in containers

5. Water, water, water

Keep up with the watering during the dry weather, particularly pots and newly planted trees and shrubs.


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