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What is the ethos of Sarah Kay Garden Design?

With the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis facing us, garden designers are in an important position to be able to educate and advise our clients on the best way that they can help, whilst improving their outdoor spaces.

The primary aim of Sarah Kay Garden Design is to design stylish and practical gardens which fulfil our clients wants and needs but it is important that our solutions to these design projects are as environmentally conscious as possible.

Thinking about my business, I've developed 5 guidelines which will inform how I approach every future Sarah Kay Garden Design project.

Bird bath in my E8 Urban Sanctuary Garden

1. Climate Conscious - I aim to design low carbon footprint gardens, reusing as much existing material as possible, prioritising local suppliers and utilising reclaimed sources where possible. I will look to maximise planting in every garden with as large flower beds as practically possible vertical spaces, green roofs and containers.

Sedum roof in my E11 Industrial Style Garden

2. Wildlife focussed - I aim to plant at least 1 tree in every garden I design and include as many wildlife friendly features (insect habitats, log piles, wildflowers lawns, ponds as practically possible. Pollinator and bird friendly planting will be prioritised. I will not install artificial grass or plants and publicly support the SGD 'Say no to artificial lawn and plants' campaign.

Wildflower turf in my E11 Industrial Style Garden

3. Garden Organically - I only use and specify peat free compost and try to use peat free plant nurseries where possible. With my maintenance clients, I don't use pesticides and employ organic gardening methods only.

Hylotelphium herbstfreude & Echinachea purpurea in my E11 Naturalistic Planting Design

4. Waterwise - I try to encourage good water management with water butts, mulching and advising on optimum watering times and methods. Well designed irrigation can help avoid over watering and excessive plant losses. With my planting designs I aim to include plants that are adapted to manage both drought and excessive wet.

Water butt/planter in my E8 Urban Sanctuary Garden

5. Responsible business practices - I try to cycle or take public transport to client meetings where possible and have recently switched to an electric car. We have recently installed solar panels at my home office and our energy is sourced from a green energy supplier. I use recycled paper and stationary and design using CAD to enable electronic plans to be sent to clients.

Bug hotel in my E11 Industrial Style Garden


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